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The first post-Go-Live Workday Community Information Session was held on July 21, 2022, and featured a message from the Knight Vision Executive Sponsors: 

Matthew Hall, VP Info Tech & CIO

Gerald Hector, Sr Vice President Adm & Fin

Michael Johnson, Professor

Tech Tip of the Week

The term “Expense Card” is the new P-Card in Workday!

Employees who previously had a P-Card before Workday (along with selected individuals) now have an Expense Card. There has been no change to the card and employees do not have to request a new card if they had an existing P-Card prior to July 1, 2022. An expense card is used only for expense items (non-Purchase Order) of less than $1,000 in value.
How to Make Purchases in Workday

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Workday impacts various financial procedures at UCF, streamlining business processes and functions. These functions include accounting/Foundation Data Model (FDM), procurement, customer accounts, expenses, budgeting and more. Learn More

Workday leverages a unified system which hosts all grants information. Researchers, faculty and appropriate administrative and staff members now have visibility into data. Learn More

Workday provides many benefits to HR processes at UCF. This system provides a mobile-friendly, configurable platform for employees at the university. Although the Workday implementation is still in the early stages, certain functionalities that will streamline business processes can be expected. Learn More

We’re happy to inform you that Workday has robust reporting capabilities. The new Employee Self Service* functionality puts reports at your fingertips and provides one-click analytics. Learn More

The adoption of Workday provides streamlined business processes and a centralized location for operational reporting resulting in enhanced transparency and data accuracy. The benefits of this ERP implementation correlate directly with Knight Vision’s guiding principles of Simplification and Better Service to the UCF Community. Learn More




(Resolved) Issue: Audit Report Access

Issue: Details about costing allocation (i.e., when does it occur and who does what) were unclear. Resolution: Developed auditory reports and guidance for SET leaders. Offered a training session on 8/9/22 for Finance leaders to provide visibility of the Finance Dashboard. Date Resolved: 8/11/2022 Impacted Audience: Finance SET Leaders
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Issue: Costing Allocation Details

Issue: Details about costing allocation (i.e., when does it occur and who does what) were unclear. Resolution: Created a Knowledge Article with clarified SOPs and details titled, “Position Organization Assignments & Costing Allocations.” Position Organization Assignments & Costing Allocations Date Resolved: 7/21/2022 Impacted Audience: HR Business Center
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