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“Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation as the Knight Vision program team makes necessary adjustments along the way and please know that all of the efforts we are making with Knight Vision are an active investment in the future of our university and in our people. I encourage you to take advantage of the training resources and support being offered to you. I hope you will continue engaging with the Knight Vision team to ask questions stay involved and share your voice. By learning and growing through this together, we will all benefit from this much needed transformation of how we operate.”

– Alexander Cartwright, UCF President


Knight Vision is a campus-wide program that will transform the way UCF works through optimized processes and state-of-the-art technologies that provide a single source of truth to inform strategic decision-making in a rapidly changing world. Knight Vision will replace the current PeopleSoft system with the cloud-based Workday system to modernize and simplify UCF’s processes, improve transparency across the campus community and provide a robust platform for sharing and analyzing data. 

The Knight Vision program seeks to transform the way UCF works through transparent, efficient and compliant best practices and state-of-the-art technologies to enhance services and business outcomes supporting excellence in education and research. This university transformation will offer the following:


We will maintain a “University First” mindset and strive to use delivered, out-of-the-box functionality whenever possible. We will seek to make processes and technology consistent across units.


We will improve service, focus on ease of use for our end users and design business processes that follow best practices.


We will track key project and institutional performance metrics, both qualitative and quantitative, to measure ongoing performance and increased efficiencies.


We will make decisions transparently and share information frequently and in numerous formats. End users will be asked to weigh in on key design choices. We are in this together.


We will hold ourselves accountable to end users, the campus community and broader stakeholders. We are empowered to make critical decisions.

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Myth of the Month:

Training will only be available once SET and Workday go live on July 1, 2022.


As of May 1, 2022, the Workday Training Catalog is Live! You can view our on-demand training materials on the Training page of the Knight Vision website!


The Knight Vision program will improve administrative infrastructure and systems for the entire UCF campus community. Our goal is to increase university-wide efficiency and effectiveness by driving operational excellence and transforming business processes.


The university’s new cloud-based system, Workday, was selected in 2020 to serve as our new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. It will be implemented in two phases. We are currently in the first phase, focusing on implementing Workday to replace PeopleSoft’s human resources, finance, budgeting, research administration and reporting functions in approximately 24-monthsComplementing the Workday implementationthe Service Enhancement Transformation (SET) project will begin transforming the way HR and Finance work is organized to optimize the delivery of services across UCF. Phase two will focus on migrating UCF Student Systems from PeopleSoft to Workday while continuing the focus on improved administrative services and more effective processes. 


Explore Our Workstreams

Workday will impact various financial procedures at UCF, streamlining business processes and functions. These functions include accounting/Foundation Data Model (FDM), procurement, customer accounts, expenses, budgeting and more. Learn More

Workday leverages a unified system which will host all grants information. Researchers, faculty and appropriate administrative and staff members will now have visibility into data. Learn More

Workday will provide many benefits to HR processes at UCF. This system will provide a mobile-friendly, configurable platform for employees at the university. Although the Workday implementation is still in the early stages, certain functionalities that will streamline business processes can be expected. Learn More

We’re happy to inform you that Workday has robust reporting capabilities. The new Employee Self Service* functionality will put reports at your fingertips and provide one-click analytics. Learn More

The adoption of Workday will provide streamlined business processes and a centralized location for operational reporting resulting in enhanced transparency and data accuracy. The benefits of this ERP implementation correlate directly with Knight Vision’s guiding principles of Simplification and Better Service to the UCF Community. Learn More



It’s never too early to learn about Workday! Be sure to follow and view the latest system demo videos in our Knight Vision group

Customer Preview Sessions Held on September 13-16, 2021. Learn more and watch recordings here.

A Session Regarding the New Foundation Data Model (FDM) Was Held on August 2, 2021. Learn More About FDM and Watch the Recording Here.







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