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Foundation Data Model (FDM)

The Workday Foundation Data Model (FDM) is a multi-dimensional data structure that serves as the backbone for transaction processing and reporting done within Workday. The FDM will replace our PeopleSoft chart of accounts. Instead of entering a chartfield string like we do in PeopleSoft today, users will choose worktags to describe a transaction’s business purpose.

Our interactive tutorial will help guide understanding of the purpose and elements of the Foundation Data Model. Learning objectives include the FDM’s structure, learning the basics of worktags, how driver worktags function and how to employ worktags in Workday.


Download the informational one-pager on the Foundation Data Model by clicking here, or on the image below.

View our webinar recording on our Workday FDM design and functionality.


Worktags are attributes/labels used in Workday to indicate the business purpose of a financial transaction.
Multiple worktags are combined to accurately categorize transactions (multi-dimensional).

FDM Segments Defined

Common questions

For all finance-related questions, visit our Finance Questions page.

About FDM

From a security standpoint, if an employee is part of a business process and their approval is required, they will receive a notification in their inbox. Multiple people at the university can hold the same security role. When the business process is ready for that security role, as long as that employee holds a position within the division/cost center (meaning they are part of the business process approval), they will receive a notification. Thus, multiple people can be notified to approve the same process. Once approved, the notification does not disappear. However, Workday has lots of Inbox Filters which will help our users manage their tasks.

If a purchase is made using foundation funds (gift worktag), the transaction will be routed to a gift manager for approval.

The end-users for the new Workday Foundation Data Model are all UCF employees who will be using the new Workday ERP system.

The FDM will make a translation from our current PeopleSoft department projects. Cost Centers and other segments defined in Workday will have their own security. As long as you hold a role in the Cost Center for a particular worktag, you will be able to see reports for those values. If you’re at a division level you can initiate and approve transactions within that division. There will be hierarchies.