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Custom Application Replacements for PeopleSoft (CARP) is a key scope element of Knight Vision that will replace custom apps built-in PeopleSoft over the last 20 years with alternative solutions. Custom Applications are bolt-ons that were built in PeopleSoft by UCF, not delivered with PeopleSoft. These applications will not be integrated with Workday but will be reviewed for impacts to find identity gaps between the current applications and the new solutions. 


A “bolt-on” application is a set of functionality built on the PeopleSoft platform using the PeopleTools functionality. The bolt-on could currently live in PeopleSoft HCM, CS, FIN and myUCF portal. The code and objects for the bolt-on live in the same platform as the delivered out-of-the-box PeopleSoft functionality. 

Examples of bolt-on applications include:

  • Faculty Promotion and Tenure,
  • Faculty Activity System,
  • Faculty Qualification Management systems,


  • SGA Voting,
  • Student Perception of Instruction
  • and others.


UCF currently has 57 total custom applications that need to be replaced. During the review and analysis process, the CARP team will be working through the following:

  • Does Workday provide a solution in place of the custom application in PeopleSoft?
  • Does UCF have an application that can be leveraged instead?
  • Is there a common application used by peer institutions on the market?
  • Does custom development need to take place?
CARP team has completed the initial analysis and will have a timeline available soon.


Faculty Systems:

  • College Faculty Annual Reporting (eFAR)
  • College of Medicine Volunteer Faculty System
  • Electronic Faculty Promotion and Tenure (eP&T)
  • Electronic Faculty Awards (eAwards)
  • Faculty Qualifications Management System (FQMS)
  • Faculty Activity System (FAS)-IKM
  • Faculty Webcourse Manager
  • Graduate Faculty Status and Role Page
  • Graduate Faculty GTA Performance Evaluation
  • Student Perception of Instruction (SPol)

Student Systems:

  • College Scholarship Application Management System
  • Commencement Lottery
  • Excess Hours Functionality
  • Florida Pre-Paid
  • Outcomes Competency Management System
  • Pegasus Path/Smart Planner System
  • Student Government Association Voting (SGA)
  • Many Other Graduate Student-Specific Applications 


  • Electronic Key Management System
  • Space System Information from Archibus


  • Exchange and Office 365 Provisioning
  • LEAP Change Management System
  • Microsoft Identity Management
  • NID Lookup Tool
  • Phire Changement Management System
  • Rave Alert Self Service Functionality
  • SUDS – State Required Reporting
  • Technology Checkout Application

Common Questions

Custom Applications Replacement

They will have to build an integration. Many custom solutions today consume HR/HCM data. Our program leadership will review concerns pertaining to this system in order to ensure continuity with the new data model. For more information, please visit our CARP project webpage.

This will depend on the situation. Our first priority is taking a look at the functionalities that we can move into Workday. Then, we look out for anything outstanding beyond that that could require a third-party. However, we want to keep using internal UCF employees to either build new applications or continue to run those services after go-live.