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PS/nVision reports will not be carried forward with Workday. However, Workday reporting provides robust drill-down capabilities right on the page so you will not lose that functionality that you had with the PS/nVision reports.

Workday has amazing reporting functionality! Rather than running queries, you can run delivered Workday reports to get the information for your job role, or custom reports and dashboards can be created to meet information needs. There’s a central Workday Reporting team devoted to writing custom Workday reports to replace and enhance old PeopleSoft reports.

We are still too early in the process to determine this information. 

IKM Data/Pegasus Mine Portal will continue through Phase I. Minor changes may occur in reports that include HR or Finance data. 

Yes, Workday provides many modern solutions for generating HR and Finance reports and gaining visibility into data. All data access is managed by security groups. Key benefits include:

  • The ability to drill down and filter data to make more informed decisions;
  • Create reports and analytics using real-time data; and,
  • The ability to analyze finance, HR, and payroll information together since the data is in one system. 

Workday delivers much more expansive operational and transactional reporting and analytics than has previously been available, so you should find that the need to run data queries for reports and stats is significantly reduced or eliminated altogether. Because reporting in Workday is significantly different and has a very steep learning curve, there is a central team of full-time Workday report writers who will be supporting the university by creating custom reports and dashboards to supplement what’s provided by Workday, and to meet specific information needs. There will also be individuals in various units, based upon their job role and function, who will have access to generate ad-hoc reports. 

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The answer to this will emerge when they come to a shared understanding and a decision. There is a ton of business logic, and we must make sure it carries forward in our deployment. 

It may be that the paper is faster for your personal preference, but when you look at the business process from beginning to end, the end user with the stack of forms can address it more quickly through technology. There are three data centers for Workday, so the likelihood of the software going down, is near impossible. It will be optimization of an entire business process. Ease of use question is understood, but if we design the processes to be seamless across the university and it, will allow us to do our work more effectively and efficiently. The current processes are very manual and labor intensive. 

The recommendations we have are that the business partners will report directly to the Center of Expertise (CoE), while maintaining dotted line reporting to the college. These recommendations are based on leading practices as well as interviews, surveys, peer institutions, etc. In this model, the business partners would be embedded in the colleges with a goal to ensure the college’s specific HR, procurement and finance needs are met. 

We will have access to historical records beyond what records are converted and will reside in Workday. These decisions are part of the overall Knight Vision program. We anticipate having more details to share on the game plan for this reporting and analytics infrastructure by September 21, 2021.