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SailPoint is an identity management tool that we have been using at UCF. We have also purchased a SailPoint product called Identity Now that is dedicated to managing the life cycle of identities. This product is designed to take identities from different sources like PeopleSoft and Workday and meld them together to make sure they have the right attributes, the right provisioning workflows, the right access controls at the right time and the right deprovisioning workflows to manage that entire life cycle of an account.

There is also a password management tool with SailPoint that is going to be a highly available cloud password-management tool for Self Service. It will also replace the account management tools that some of us are accustomed to using for helping end-users and looking up general information about accounts. There are some new features for certification campaigns so those who own a certain type of access can receive an email to check that the access still looks appropriate for the number of users that are in that particular access group. This is so they can re-certify them when necessary.