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Adaptive Planning provides two types of reports – HTML (Matrix) and OfficeConnect (complex and formatted) reports. The OfficeConnect reports will have a Microsoft Excel suffix (.xlsx) at the end of the report name. UCF reports will be available under the following categories (with possible additions in the future):

  • Comparison Reports – These reports will compare different dimensions within the report. Example: FY20 and FY21 Actuals with FY22 Budget
  • Salary Reports – These reports will show only compensation data with selected criteria from the Human Capital Management (HCM) system. Example: Salary and fringe data by position for each department or at a rollup level.
  • Operation Reports (P&L Reports) – These reports will show you Actuals, Encumbrances, Pre-Encumbrances, Budget Adjustments, and Current Year Budget by version and level.
  • Trend Reports – These reports will show multi-year trends based on Actuals, Budgets, and Attributes.