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SET Spotlight Open Forum Held on SEPTEMBER 26

The Knight Vision SET Spotlight Open Forum was held on September 7 with a focus on the Service Enhancement Transformation (SET) initiative to reimagine business processes to better serve all UCF employees, including faculty and staff. Knight Vision executive leadership joined members of the program team to share information about what the UCF community can expect as the implementation progresses. SET leadership also provided information related to the SET design.  A question-and-answer session followed with Knight Vision leadership contributing as panelists.

To view the recording of the 09/07/21 SET Spotlight Open Forum,  click here for the YouTube link.

To view the slides, click here for the pdf.


  • Michael Johnson: Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


  • Gerald Hector: Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer


  • Kathy Mitchell: Associate Vice President of Financial Initiatives


  • Maureen Binder: Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer


  • Cherie Herrin: Knight Vision Program Manager


  • Kelly Ferris: Knight Vision Communications Analyst

Additional Q&A Panelists:

  • Matthew Hall: Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer


  • Michael Sink: Associate Vice President and Deputy Chief Information Officer


  • David Canova: Knight Vision Workday Implementation Lead & Engagement Manager


  • Becky Moulton:Knight Vision HR Workstream Lead


  • Brett Peeling: Knight Vision Change Management Director


  • Mika Garcia: Knight Vision Communications Analyst


  • Seresa Cruz: Knight Vision Campus Community Advisory Group Chair