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A glossary of general terminology related to the Knight Vision program. Use the navigation menu in the sidebar to access additional application terms related to the Workday ERP Implementation.

General Workday Terms


A specialized landing page containing links to actions, reports and tasks. May also contain charts and graphs.

Functional Area

A collection of domain or business process security policies that are related to the same set of product features.

*For example, Benefits or Compensation.

Job Profile

The generic features and characteristics of a job or position, such as management level, pay rate type, compensation, skills and other qualifications.


A grouping of people with specific responsibilities and permissions.


A step, either standalone or in a business process, that you must complete.

*For example, task alert
 notifications are triggered by incomplete steps in a business process. 


A tenant is a unique instance of Workday that contains a set of data in a logically separated database. Our project team uses a series of tenants to configure Workday for delivering UCF business processes, security and data.

To Dos

Reminders to do something outside of Workday. They can be part of business processes and must be marked complete before the workflow will advance to the next step.

View (business process)

A securable item used to allow members to view status of a business process and report on it.


An employee or a contingent worker.


The steps, or “flow,” of tasks to complete a business process. 


A compact report displayed as an icon (a tile or a bubble) on any landing page, providing easy access to tasks and information that are used regularly.

*Examples: My Leadership Roles, Open Positions and Anniversaries