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The Workday Enterprise Systems Team organizes its work using one month “Sprints.” Each Sprint will include work on production issues, high-priority changes, scheduled items and required system updates. The Sprint for the current period includes work on the list of items below.

Note that some items may require multiple Sprints to complete.  

Current Sprint ID: 23-0131
Planned Start Date: 1/3/2023
Planned End Date: 1/31/2023

Current Sprint Objective*: Resolve Production Issues, Integration Data Issues, and Deliver Functionality Improvements.

*If unexpected issues arise during this Sprint, team priorities will need to change and this objective may be changed or delayed.

Planned Work for the Current Sprint

IDTitleCategoryWork AreaDescriptionImpacted AudiencePriorityStateWork StageSprint Completion
18082Delegations Business ProcessCross FunctionalRelieve faculty’s administrative burden as it relates to tasks performed within Workday, for example purchasing, receipting, time keeping, etc.All CampusHighIn ProgressAnalysisCurrent Sprint
18081Improving Punchout Experience Business ProcessFinanceReviewing processes to make sure punch-out ordering, approvals and receiving are being conducted in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.All CampusHighIn ProgressAnalysisCurrent Sprint
16028Preparing for Faculty Fall RenewalsFunctionalityHuman ResourcesPreparing for Faculty Fall RenewalsFacultyMedIn ProgressAnalysisCurrent Sprint
15907FICA Processing Updates and Issue ResolutionIntegrationHuman ResourcesUpdate the Workday Data Integration to address issues processing the FICA Student Exception processingStudentsHighIn ProgressTestingCurrent Sprint
15945Workday Credit Card Request FormBusiness ProcessFinanceCreate a form in Workday to request new Procurement/Expense Cards and changes to card limits.All CampusMedIn ProgressTestingCurrent Sprint
15913Adaptive Budget Planning Implementation Ph3FunctionalityFinance
Currently working on Phase 3 - Budget Model Modifications validations and initiating Budget
Model- related Reporting.

Business CentersHighIn ProgressAnalysisCurrent Sprint
15920Ledger Account Creation for Athletics and Foundation UseFoundation Data ModelFinance
Account Creation for Athletics and Foundation Use of the GASB 87.
Business CentersHighIn ProgressWaiting FeedbackCurrent Sprint
15919Update Approval Thresholds - AthleticsBusiness ProcessFinance
Update approval thresholds for accurate routing within Athletics business processes.
DSOHighIn ProgressTestingFuture Sprint
16014Supplier Routing Change Foreign InfluenceBusiness ProcessFinance
Suppliers should route to the area that has the knowledge required to approve them. Additional questions need to be added to the prospective supplier portal to help the university in compliance with the state's foreign influence reporting law.
Central OfficeLowIn ProgressWaiting FeedbackFuture Sprint
15929State Auditor Quarterly Financial and HR ReportingIntegrationSupport
Develop custom (automated) reports for the State of Florida Quarterly Financial and HR Data requirements.
Central OfficeHighIn ProgressWaiting FeedbackFuture Sprint
16032kNEXT Processing Productivity ReportReportingSupport
kNEXT Processing Productivity Report
Central Office;kNEXTMedIn ProgressBuildCurrent Sprint
15946Grants Operations and EnhancementsFunctionalityResearch/Grants
Grants functionality enhancements including PI Dashboard improvements, Cost Share Grants process, Release Accounts process, Sub-Awards process, Asset Build process,
Reports, refining security, training.
FacultyHighIn ProgressAnalysisOngoing
15940Graybar Punchout IntegrationIntegrationFinanceAdditional supplier punchout primarily used by Telecom and Facilities.All CampusHighIn ProgressTestingFuture Sprint
In ProgressAnalysisFuture Sprint
15915Facilities eBuilder Project System IntegrationIntegrationFinance
Develop Workday Integration and Process Automation between Facilities (eBuilder) and Central construction accounting team (Workday) to align financials and reporting between the two systems.  
StaffHighIn ProgressAnalysisFuture Sprint
14701Workday Security MaintenanceSecuritySupportDaily operational Security support and maintenance for the UCF End User CommunityCentral OfficeHighIn ProgressExecutionOngoing
15916Apptio IT Business Mgmt System IntegrationIntegrationSupportDevelop Workday Integration with Apptio Technology Business Management SoftwareCentral OfficeMedIn ProgressWaiting FeedbackFuture Sprint
15926Workday Reporting EnhancementsReportingTechnical
Workday reporting enhancements including Recruiting Dashboard Filter, Athletics Trial Balance, Athletics reporting assessment, review of consistent trial balance reports.
Central OfficeMedIn ProgressAnalysisOngoing
15900LinkedIn Learning IntegrationIntegrationHuman Resources
New Workday Integration between Workday Learning and LinkedIn Learning. UCF employees will be able to use LinkedIn Learning and have their course completions added to their employee transcripts.  
All CampusHighIn ProgressBuildFuture Sprint
15927Facilities Surplus Property Database IntegrationIntegrationFinance
Develop Workday Integration to send financial Information to the Facilities Property Database System.
All CampusMedIn ProgressWaiting FeedbackFuture Sprint
15934Enable Workday Assistant in Testing EnvironmentFunctionalitySupport
The kNEXT team has requested to look at the Workday Assistant functionality to assess if it will assist faculty and staff with using Workday
All CampusMedIn ProgressAnalysisFuture Sprint
15935Credit Card Expiration 20-Day NotificationFunctionalityFinance
The university requires that a procurement card verification or expense report be submitted for procurement/expense cards within 20 days of the transactions postdate. A system generated email notification is needed for cardholders.
All CampusMedIn ProgressAnalysisNext Sprint
15918Workday Human Resources Maintenance and SupportMaintenanceHuman ResourcesDaily operational support for the UCF End User Community.Central OfficeHighIn ProgressNot StartedNext Sprint