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*Attention: Starting on August 8, all Workday training material access links will route to Workday Help Knowledge Base. Have questions or inquiries? Please contact kNEXT at (407) 823-NEXT or click here to submit a Workday Help Case

Workday Training Catalog

Our Workday Training Catalog serves as a repository of all job aids and video demos created to assist end-user navigation in Workday. Although all training materials are viewable from this catalog, end-user functionality in Workday is based on security roles determined by job roles and responsibilities. 

Introducing Workday Help – a knowledge base and case management application within Workday – to help guide users to find the information they seek regarding university processes.  Workday Help is connected to various campus divisions/units to support end-users on UCF processes and policies.  Users have the option to search within Workday for helpful articles that support their work.  The case management system provides individualized support to help answer questions or address unique user needs. 

View our Handout onWorkday Quick Facts: What is Workday Help

ATTENTION: As of July 1, 2022, all job aids and video demos from the Workday Training Catalog are now located in our Workday Help Knowledge Base as “Articles”. For most up-to-date collection of training resources, please access our Workday Help categories now.

View Demo on How to View an Article in Workday Help

Use the right navigation menu located beside the catalog below to view training details by functional area. Once available, click the Access Now hyperlink in each learning category column to access on-demand training materials (job aids and video demos). Access to training materials requires UCF NID login.

All registration for training sessions and webcourses will take place in Workday through the Learning app! Learn more on how to enroll in Workday Learning


This catalog is designed for all UCF employees and serves as a prerequisite for all additional Workday learning paths. Participants will learn employee self-service functionality in the Workday system, which includes basic navigation, mobile functionality, pay application and how to navigate to Workday Learning.
Category NameCategory DescriptionIncluded Business Process TasksJob Aids and Demo Videos (available 24/7)Webcourses (available 24/7)
Workday Essentials (Getting Started) Materials review employee self-service functionality in Workday, which includes a basic overview of the Workday system.Use Tools and Navigation
Workday Search
Use Your Inbox
Set Up Account Preferences
Installing Workday Mobile
Identify Your Place in the Organization
Workday Accessibility
Notification Preferences
Access Now
(~30 mins.)
Register Now for WDY100 - "Workday Essentials" (~ 30 mins.)
Workday Pay & AbsenceMaterials review navigation of the Pay Application, including how to change W-4 withholding elections, manage payroll options, how to request time off and view/print paystubs.Change W-4 Withholding Elections
Manage Payroll Options
Manage Your Time Off
Access Now
(~10 mins.)
Workday LearningMaterials review how to enroll in a course and manage course enrollment from the Learning application.Enroll and Drop a CourseAccess Now (~5 mins.)N/A