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ABOUT Peoplesoft Retrofits

The PeopleSoft retrofits project is an effort to ensure UCF meets all critical PeopleSoft functions, processes and bolt-on applications to enable continued critical business operations in Campus Solutions (student information system) by the Workday Go-Live date for HCM and financial management applications.

This project encapsulates the retrofitting of all student-related functionality, including the reconfiguration and changing the financial chartfields structure within Campus solutions to work with the new financial structure defined in Workday, called the Foundation Data Model (FDM); the moving, integrating and retrofitting of HCM related bolt-on application functionality into Campus Solutions, including mandatory reporting to the Board of Governors. 

The project also involves building integrations to support the implementation of SailPoint IdentityNow, an identity and access management application. Additionally, CRM and Integration Hub applications will be updated to work with Campus Solutions. Finally, all integrations to external systems as well as direct references to HCM tables and database links will be replaced with integrated data from Workday HCM and Finance.

To view the kick-off presentation for this project, click here.

What is a PeopleSoft Retrofit?

A PeopleSoft retrofit is any change to the systems that will remain on the PeopleSoft platform (Campus Solutions, myUCF Portal, CRM) to support the Workday HCM and Financials implementation. This includes, but is not limited to, functionality, integrations, business processes and data.


The PeopleSoft Retrofits project allows UCF to:
  • continue providing student services like enrollment, financial aid disbursements, billing and payment collection for ~75,000 students,
  • provide the ability to integrate data between PeopleSoft and Workday as well as other external applications,
  • maintain services to  ~12,000 faculty and staff, including supporting of faculty activity, promotion and tenure processes
  • and continue mandatory state reporting on financial activity, students, faculty and staff.


Integrations sending employee bio/demo data:

  • Business Services
  • Health Services
  • Parking Services
  • Rec & Wellness Center
  • DNA Fusion
  • Library 
  • Rave Alert

Workforce/payroll data to support the following:

  • Financial Aid Work-Study
  • Graduate Assistantship Processing
  • Grad Studies’ Health Insurance
  • Outcomes Competency Management System
  • TPC/Computer Store
  • ServiceNow
  • FIM/MIM Views
  • Many HR Bolt-On Applications

Conversion of PeopleSoft Chartfields to Foundation Data Model (FDM):

  • GL Processing
  • Student Payments
  • Student Refunds
  • Tuition, Fees and Waivers
  • Packaging
  • Disbursements
  • Loans
  • Housing


  • “Lift & Shift” programming in UCF custom bolt-on applications that support the following business functions:
    • Faculty Activity System
    • Faculty Management System
    • Board of Governors (BOG) Mandatory Reporting Applications
    • HCM
    • Student
    • Budget & Financials Analysis
    • Faculty Promotion and Tenure
    • Awards
    • Key Forms
  • Integrations to any other Knight Vision Custom Application Replacements for PeopleSoft (CARP)
  • All processes and reports currently using both student and employee data will need to be analyzed and retrofitted
  • All processes and reports using Financials’ Chart of Account data will need to be analyzed and retrofitted
  • All objects using database links will need to be analyzed and retrofitted
  • All objects using database links will need to be analyzed and retrofitted to only pull data from Campus Solutions


  • Update integrations and programs in PeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to ensure continued core business operations for communications across campus units
  • Integrations for employee data may need to shift to Workday/SailPoint (TBD)


The following functions are no longer available as of July 1, 2022:

  • Staff Applications > HCM
    • Links to HCM PROD backdoor will no longer be available
  • Employee Self Service
    • No more employee bio demo, payroll, etc., actions directly accessed from myUCF
  • Manager Self Service
    • Similarly, no more managerial actions will be processed from myUCF

Workday has introduced the following:

  • Staff Applications > Workday
    • New links will be available to access Workday for all employees to continue performing their regular self service and payroll actions


Campus Solutions will continue to serve as a historical reference for employee ID and email address data. A new search/match integration will be built to search PeopleSoft historical employee data and pass back an existing or generated UCF employee ID to SailPoint IdentityNow and Workday HCM.


During the PeopleSoft Workday retrofit cycle one of the current integration products (SnapLogic), will also be transitioning to a new tool (Informatica), which will launch close to the Workday Go-Live date.

Proofs of concept are underway covering a wide area of current connectivity points.

The migration will not be all at once, and the SnapLogic systems will still process during this transition period.

This transition impacts the following:

  • ServiceNow
  • Card Services
  • Canvas
  • UCF Connect Salesforce
  • CBA Salesforce
  • IKM Benchmarking and Reporting