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The items below have been resolved or completed and are now closed. Note that this list does not include details for completion for many items related to back-end support, technical updates, ongoing maintenance and minor production issue resolution. 

Navigate the below to view resolved and completed items.

Item IDTitleCategoryAreaDescriptionResolutionImpacted AudiencePriorityResolution StateTypeDate CreatedDate Closed
14693Workday Financials Maintenance and SupportMaintenanceFinance
Daily operational support for the UCF End User Community
Fixed SF270 Incorrect Life to Date and previously requested amounts, layout of form and removed hardcoded values.Central OfficeHighCompletedChange12/31/2022
16026Enhancements to the Job Change Business Process ChangesBusiness ProcessHuman Resources
Enhancements to the Job Change Business Process Changes
Added Work study coordinator approval in Change Job or Transfer job Business Process for job profiles 3068, 3069, 3070Central Office HRMedCompletedChange12/19/2022
16029Creation of Recruiting Dashboard FiltersBusiness ProcessSupport
Creation of Recruiting Dashboard Filter
Created dashboard filter for employee typeCentral OfficeMedCompletedChange12/20/2022
15931OPS Non-Exempt Employees Timesheet EditingFunctionalityHuman Resources
Allowing OPS workers to micro-edit their timesheets will give them full control with time entry. They can make edits and corrections as needed. Once they submit, their timesheet will continue to route to their manager for approval.
All CampusCriticalCompletedChange11/07/2022
15921Open Enrollment ChangesMaintenanceHuman Resources2023 Open Enrollment Changes for PeopleFirst Integration for UCF Main and Workday Configuration for Athletics.

All CampusHighCompletedChange12/2/2022
16017Improve Grants Expense Report WorkflowBusiness ProcessFinance
The grant approvals are currently after the Expense Data Entry Specialist in the expense report approval workflow: Cost Center Sponsored Program Coordinator & Award Contract Owner (Grant). These approvals should be moved so that they are immediately after the Grant Manager, as they are on requisitions.
15922Intercompany Accounting Business Process Workflow UpdatesBusiness ProcessFinanceConfigure the following updates for Intercompany Accounting Workflow. Add Accounting Manager/Accounting Manager Senior to the approval workflow. Add Worktag Manager to the approval workflow (only for decentralized journals).Central Office;DSOHighCompletedChange12/2/2022
16027Establish OPS Non-Student Employment PolicyBusiness ProcessHR
Establish OPS Non-Student Employment Policy
Established OPS Non-Student Employment PolicyAll CampusHighCompletedChange11/18/2022
16019Payroll liabilities change to allowable program for AthleticsBusiness ProcessHR

The Athletics accrued payroll liabilities post to fund/program combo FD650/PG91.  The allowable program by fund validation is required to be lifted each time Athletics needs to create an ad hoc payment to clear the liability.  A conditional rule can be added to bypass the validation for these types of scenarios.

Central OfficeHighCompletedChange11/18/2022
16015Grant access to upload attachments to the Expense PartnersBusiness ProcessFinance
The Expense Partner is a final review step on foreign travel and often needs to update taxable foreign travel support documents.  Enabling Expense Partners to add attachments to Expense Reports will allow us to keep all documentation regarding Expense Reports in WD. (Security Update)
Expense Partner access updated to allow attachments on expense reportsAll CampusLowCompletedChange11/18/2022
15937(Resolved) Change: Workday Help Service Level MetricsFunctionalitySupport
Update the Workday Help SLA metrics for "Time to First Response" and "Time to Resolve" based on SLA configuration changes that were made on 10/21/22 to gather more precise SLA results
The metrics are now available, and communication sent.
All CampusLowCompletedChange10/24/202211/4/2022
15925(Resolved) Change: Custom Benefits Summary Report in WorkdayFunctionalityHR
Create a custom Benefits Summary page in Workday utilizing Workday Integration technology.
The report was created in production
All CampusLowCompletedChange10/24/202211/4/2022
UCF-16651(Resolved) Issue: OPS Non-Students Direct HireFunctionalityHRThe OPS non-students hiring business process needed to align with the hiring policy.The configuration of the direct hire business process was updated to exclude OPS non-students.Business CentersMedCompleteChange3/15/2022 0:007/11/2022 0:00
UCF-11375(Resolved) Issue: Workflow Approval on Position BudgetsBusiness ProcessFinancePosition Budgets were being approved by the Cost Center Manager. In the Business Process review, there was a desire to route these transactions to Division Managers. The new process to have Division Managers approve the position budgets was configured.Business CentersMedCompleteChange1/19/2022 0:007/11/2022 0:00
UCF-18765(Resolved) Issue: Spend Authorization Custom ValidationBusiness ProcessFinanceA custom validation was needed for the spend authorizations so that they aren't entered without lines and wouldn't display only the total.A custom validation was created and configured for spend authorizations.All CampusMedCompleteChange7/8/2022 0:007/11/2022 0:00
UCF-18780(Resolved) Issue: Business Asset Accountant PermissionsSecurityFinanceOnly Project Managers, Implementers, Business Assets Accountants can update this flag in production. However, Business Asset Accountants have not been given access to Edit Project to update this flag. Updated the business process so that only the Project Administrator or Business Asset Accountant can edit the projects.Business CentersMedCompleteChange7/11/2022 0:007/12/2022 0:00
UCF-18793(Resolved) Issue: Supplier Admin AccessSecurityFinanceSupplier Admins weren't able to access Maintain Payment Elections.Permissions were modified so that Supplier Admins could modify payment elections.Business CentersMedCompleteChange7/12/2022 0:007/12/2022 0:00
UCF-15793(Resolved) Issue: Benefit Provider Supplier GroupFunctionalityHRThere wasn't a supplier groups for Benefit ProvidersA supplier group was created for Benefit Providers, titled "Payroll Deduction"Business CentersMedCompleteChange2/24/2022 0:007/13/2022 0:00
UCF-18810(Resolved) Issue: Budget Amendment Business ProcessBusiness ProcessFinanceThe business process for budget amendments needed an update.The Business Process was changed so that project administrators also have the role of Cost Center Budget Coordinators and can create restrictions on the Operating Budget.Business CentersMedCompleteChange7/13/2022 0:007/13/2022 0:00
OPS-163(Resolved) Issue: Manual Time EntryTraining and CommunicationHRThere was confusion surrounding what type of employees needed to enter time manually in Workday and when supervisors and Time Keepers were required to do so on an employee's behalf.A targeted communication was distributed with clarifications on the time entry process to non-exempt staff.Non-Exempt EmployeesMedCompleteMaintenance7/13/2022 0:007/13/2022 0:00
OPL-92(Resolved) Change: Paystub AvailabilityFunctionalityHRCampus was updated via communication about when they would be able to view their paystub in Workday.All CampusCriticalCompleteMaintenance7/11/2022 0:007/13/2022 0:00
OPL-161(Resolved) Issue: Broken Links on Job PostingsFunctionalityHRWhen you'd click "faculty", "staff", or "administrative & professional" links they would show no job postings.Fixed the broken links.All CampusLowCompleteIssue7/13/2022 0:007/14/2022 0:00
OPL-167(Resolved) Issue: Period Activity Pay ChangesTraining and CommunicationHRGraduate students had not been made aware of the change in how their period activity pay would be displayed and distributed in Workday.Distributed a targeted communication to graduate students and others who received period activity pay explaining the new payment style.StudentsCriticalCompleteMaintenance7/13/2022 0:007/15/2022 0:00
OPL-121(Resolved) Issue: Retroactive Pay in WorkdayTraining and CommunicationHRThere was no supporting documentation regarding retro-pay, ensuring Workday pay is accurate, creating a Workday Help case and routing to payroll.Created and distributed a targeted Knowledge Article and communication regarding retro-pay details.All CampusCriticalCompleteMaintenance7/11/2022 0:007/19/2022 0:00
OPL-292(Resolved) Issue: Adjunct and Post-Doctoral Hiring ChecklistTraining and CommunicationHRThe adjunct and post-doctoral hiring checklist was outdated.Embedded refind hiring checklist into Workday SOPs for post-doctoral and adjunct hiringBusiness CentersMedCompleteIssue7/16/2022 0:007/19/2022 0:00
UCF-15801(Resolved) Issue: Endowment Spendable FundsBusiness ProcessFinanceTransactions on the Endowment Spendable Funds didn't have gifts associated with them and a custom validation needed to be added.A custom validation was created and configured to other spending business processes to prevent any spend or expenditure activity from happening on the gift funds without a gift worktag.Central OfficeHighCompleteIssue2/25/2022 0:007/20/2022 0:00
UCF-15798(Resolved) Issue: Carryforward Fund ValidationBusiness ProcessFinanceTransactions on the Carryforward Funds did not have the Carryforward Project associated with the activity.A validation was added to other spending business processes to prevent any spend or expenditure activity from happening on the Carryforward Fund without the Carryforward projectCentral OfficeHighCompleteChange2/25/2022 0:007/20/2022 0:00
OPL-119(Resolved) Issue: Automated Time Off Approval Message for ManagersBusiness ProcessHRThe automated email to managers for approving requested time off was unclear.Modified the automated message to managers for clarity.Managers/SupervisorsMedCompleteChange7/11/2022 0:007/21/2022 0:00
OPL-137(Resolved) Issue: Costing Allocation DetailsTraining and CommunicationFinanceDetails about costing allocation (i.e., when does it occur and who does what) were unclear.Created a Knowledge Article with clarified SOPs and details titled, "Position Organization Assignments & Costing Allocations."Business CentersMedCompleteMaintenance7/12/2022 0:007/21/2022 0:00
OPL-159(Resolved) Issue: Un-Matched TimeTraining and CommunicationHRA number of non-exempt employees were forgetting to clock in/out and expressed confusion about how to manage un-matched time and correcting time.A communication was distributed to all non-exempt employees reminding them to clock in/out and a Knowledge Article regarding what to do if you forget to clock in/out and un-matched time notifications was shared.Non-Exempt EmployeesHighCompleteMaintenance7/13/2022 0:007/21/2022 0:00
UCF-18512(Resolved) Issue: Relocation Stipend Expense Item NeededBusiness ProcessFinanceRelocation Stipends paid pre-employment are paid via an Expense Report for Non-Worker or Expense Report for Pre-Hire. There wasn't an expense item for "Reloction Stipend."The Relocation Stipend was created as an expense item.Business CentersCriticalCompleteIssue6/16/2022 0:007/26/2022 0:00
UCF-18490(Resolved) Issue: Petty Cash Journal EntryBusiness ProcessFinanceA petty cash journal entry was needed to reverse balances from PeopleSoft.Petty Cash Journal Entry created as an additional worktag.Business CentersCriticalCompleteMaintenance6/16/2022 0:007/26/2022 0:00
OPL-107(Resolved) Issue: SET Security Roles Need ClarificationSecurityFinanceLack of clarity regarding SET Security Roles and definitions for the Workday team and SET leaders to update the gaps in security permissions.A report was pulled together to identify the gaps in security permissions and distributed to finance leaders. The updated security workflows were sent to SET leaders and those in the impacted roles.Business CentersHighCompleteMaintenance7/11/2022 0:007/27/2022 0:00
OPL-109(Resolved) Issue: Business Process ReassignmentBusiness ProcessTechnicalDue to the missing security role assignments, there wasn't a process and approach for reassigning business processes that reached higher levels.A Workday process was utilized to reassign all business processes as of 7/27/22, and a targeted communication was distributed to impacted audiences. Business CentersMedCompleteMaintenance7/11/2022 0:007/27/2022 0:00
OPL-129(Resolved) Issue: Common Financial ReportsTraining and CommunicationFinanceThere was not an accessible list of common financial reports available to the community.Created and distributed a targeted Knowledge Article with a list of common financial reports and their respective links titled "Common Financial Reports."Central OfficeHighCompleteMaintenance7/12/2022 0:007/28/2022 0:00
OPL-166(Resolved) Issue: Student and Contingent HiresTraining and CommunicationHRThere were some issues with people hiring a student as an employee and not marking them as a student. This would create a new NID, creating duplicate records. The same issue was occurring with contingent worker hires.A Knowledge Article, titled "Manage Contingent Worker Job Changes," was created to detail the steps necessary for job changes.Business CentersCriticalCompleteChange7/13/2022 0:007/28/2022 0:00
OPL-231(Resolved) Issue: PeopleSoft Report AccessBusiness ProcessHRCertain groups were having trouble pulling PeopleSoft reports.A new workflow was decided to direct all PeopleSoft report needs to HRIS.Business CentersLowCompleteChange7/19/2022 0:007/25/2022 0:00
OPL-271(Resolved) Issue: Editing Vacant PositionsTraining and CommunicationHRThere was no Knowledge Article with details on how to edit a vacant existing position.Created an "Edit Position Restriction" Knowledge Article.Business CentersLowCompleteChange7/20/2022 0:007/28/2022 0:00
OPL-84(Resolved) Issue: Change Employee's Worked HoursTraining and CommunicationHRThere was a lack of clarity on the process of changing an employee's FTE or worked hoursA Knowledge Article, titled "Change Employee's FTE or Worked Hours," was created to detail the steps necessary for these changes to be madeBusiness CentersMedCompleteMaintenance7/7/2022 0:007/28/2022 0:00
OPL-344(Resolved) Issue: Cost Center Sponsored Programs Coordinator Access to Sub-Award InvoicingBusiness ProcessFinanceCost Center Sponsored Programs Coordinator (CCSPC) needed access to the full workflow for sub-award invoicing.Workday was updated to allow the CCSPC to initiate receiving on a Purchase Order. A communication was distributed to everyone with a CCSPC role outlining the changes.StaffMedCompleteChange7/26/2022 0:007/29/2022 0:00
OPL-130(Resolved) Issue: Moving Workers in WorkdayTraining and CommunicationHREnd-users couldn’t find Knowledge Article for how to change a supervisor for a vacant position, only for a filled position.SOPs were outlined and a new Knowledge Article was created titled, "Change Supervisor for Filled or Vacant Position."All CampusHighCompleteMaintenance7/17/2022 0:008/1/2022 0:00
OPL-273(Resolved) Issue: End-to-End HiringTraining and CommunicationHRThere wasn't an end-to-end hiring Knowledge Article to provide support for that process.Created Knowledge Articles on end-to-end hiring, titled "Hiring Staff (A&P or USPS)"Business CentersHighCompleteMaintenance7/20/2022 0:008/1/2022 0:00
OPL-89(Resolved) Issue: Rehire GuidanceTraining and CommunicationHRAdditional guidance and SOPs were needed for the rehiring process.The Knowledge Article titled "Navigating Rehire" was created to establish concrete SOPs and guidance.Business CentersLowCompleteMaintenance7/2/2022 0:008/1/2022 0:00
OPL-219(Resolved) Issue: Clauses for Preparing OffersSecurityFinanceFinance directors didn't have access to HCM data to run "after the fact" reports.A Payroll Accounting Analyst Role was created and given to all Finance and Budget directors to view that data.Business CentersMedCompleteChange7/14/2022 0:008/2/2022 0:00
OPL-353(Resolved) Issue: Consolidated Billing for Fixed InstallmentsTraining and CommunicationFinanceThe process for consolidated billing for fixed installments should be used if multiple installments on the Fixed Billing Schedule need to be combined into one invoice to send to the sponsor.A new Knowledge Article titled "Consolidated Billing for Fixed Installments" was created to outline this processCentral OfficeLowCompleteChange8/2/2022 0:008/2/2022 0:00
OPL-354(Resolved) Issue: Maintain Billing StatusTraining and CommunicationFinanceThe process for when it is determined that a transaction should not be included in the invoice to a sponsor on a cost reimbursable grant/award needed to be outlined.A new Knowledge Article titled "Maintain Billing Status" was created to outline this processBusiness CentersLowCompleteChange8/2/2022 0:008/2/2022 0:00
OPL-253, OPL-312(Resolved) Change: New Case Type AddedBusiness ProcessSupportTravel/Procurement Escalation Case Type was added to Workday HelpAll CampusLowCompleteChange7/18/2022 0:008/4/2022 0:00
OPL-367(Resolved) Change: Recruiting, Hiring & Onboarding FunctionalityHRUpdated Knowledge Article for Recruiting, Hiring & OnboardingAll CampusLowCompleteChange8/4/2022 0:008/4/2022 0:00
OPL-367(Resolved) Issue: Delegating Tasks in WorkdayTraining and CommunicationTechnicalHR Coordinators were not aware of how to provide access to delegating tasks in WorkdayKnowledge Articles were created for the following:
- Delegate Tasks
- Inbox Delegation Time Absence Approval for Managers
- Inbox Delegation Time Absence Approval for Business Centers and kNEXT
All CampusLowCompleteChange8/4/2022 0:008/4/2022 0:00
OPL-368(Resolved) Issue: PI Dashboard in WorkdayTraining and CommunicationGrantsDetails on how to access the PI Dashboard, run reports, view and export reports, drill into data and add the PI Dashboard to Workday apps were needed.A new Knowledge Article titled "PI Dashboard" was created to outline this processBusiness CentersLowCompleteChange8/4/2022 0:008/4/2022 0:00
OPL-70(Resolved) Issue: Manage Team CompensationTraining and CommunicationHRDrop down menu for one-time payments not clear to understand how to navigate common one-time payment uses: retention, sign on, relocation.The Knowledge Article, titled "Manage Team Compensation" was updatedManagers/SupervisorsLowCompleteChange7/5/2022 0:008/5/2022 0:00
OPL-349Resolved) Issue: Reconciling Personal Expense Card Charges ProcessTraining and CommunicationFinanceThe process of updating personal information for expense reports was unclear.A helpful link was added to the Knowledge Article titled, "Reconciling Personal Expense Card Charges"All CampusLowCompleteChange8/2/2022 0:008/7/2022 0:00
OPL-350(Resolved) Issue: Expense Reports vs. Spend AuthorizationsTraining and CommunicationFinanceThe distinctions between Expense Reports and Spend Authorizations needed clarification.Separated the Knowledge Articles for clarity. "Create a Spend Authorization" and "Create an Expense Report"All CampusLowCompleteChange8/2/2022 0:008/7/2022 0:00
OPL-154(Resolved) Issue: Audit Report AccessFunctionalityFinanceSET Leaders did not have visibility or access to audit reports, blocking them from keeping an eye on financial transactions and approvals in the system.Developed auditory reports and guidance for SET leaders. Offered a training session on 8/9/22 for Finance leaders to provide visibility of the Finance Dashboard.Business CentersHighCompleteChange7/12/2022 0:008/11/2022 0:00
OPL-87(Resolved) Issue: OPS Position TypeTraining and CommunicationHROPS position type on position's additional classification needs to match the specific OPS type.The Knowledge Article titled "Manage Employee Job Changes" was updated to explain the nuance.Non-Exempt EmployeesLowCompleteChange7/6/2022 0:008/15/2022 0:00
OPL-328(Resolved) Issue: Period Activity Pay ChangesTraining and CommunicationHRLack of guidance on which clauses should be selected when an employee is hired (based on position type, person and/or union affiliation)Created and distributed a Knowledge Article, titled "Clauses for Preparing an Offer"Business CentersCompleteChange7/26/2022 0:008/17/2022 0:00
UCF-19188(Resolved) Change: Workday Help Routing RulesFunctionalitySupportThere is an addition of a new HR Service Team, "HR Business Center - University Relations".This service team will handle "Employment Actions" cases for the following divisions: (D100, D110, D120, D130, D140, D150)All CampusMedCompleteChange8/17/2022 0:008/18/2022 0:00
UCF-19201(Resolved) Issue: Redirect Offer ProcessFunctionalityHRTalent Acquisition requested to remove the "Move to Next Step" button from the Primary Recruiters selected when an offer is redirected back to the "update the offer" document and/or offer letter. There had been multiple situations when the Primary Recruiter received the redirect offer action and selected the "Move to Next Step" button and the Recruiting Coordinator did not receive the updated offer letter to approve.The "Move to Next Step" button in Redirect Offer was removedBusiness CentersHighCompleteChange8/18/2022 0:008/19/2022 0:00
OPL-164(Resolved) Issue: Foundation-Based FundsTraining and CommunicationFinanceMembers of the finance community were unclear about Foundation-based funds, Foundation processes and other SOPs.An update and targeted communication was provided to Deans and SET Business Leaders regarding all Foundation activity.Business CentersLowCompleteIssue7/12/2022 0:008/22/2022 0:00
(Resolved) Issue: Retiring Central Payroll EmailTraining and CommunicationHRAll central payroll requests/inquiries moved over to Workday and the central payroll email will no longer be used for those actions.A communication was distributed to detail the new process for payroll requests and inquiries and update the community on the new purpose for the central payroll email.All CampusCompleteMaintenance8/22/2022 0:00
OPL-110(Resolved) Issue: Unclear Workday Resignation ProcessTraining and CommunicationHRThere was not a clear "End Job" or resignation process description for end-users in Workday.The SOPs on retirement were updated and Knowledge Articles were created for how to resign and retire.All CampusLowCompleteChange7/10/2022 0:008/23/2022 0:00
UCF-19149(Resolved) Change: Additional Expense Items CreatedFunctionalityFinanceAn additional 200-300 send categories for expense usage need to be opened. If we do not proceed, we will not be able to select the expense items that map to the appropriate spend categories related to the purchase. This will cause incorrect accounting that will have to be remedied via manual reclass journals.Opened additional spend categories for expense usage.All CampusHighCompleteChange8/11/2022 0:008/24/2022 0:00
UCF-19247(Resolved) Issue: Credit Card Data DomainSecurityFinanceThe Credit Card Admin from the Manage: Credit Card Data Domain is making system time out after 5 minutes of inactivity for the users that have this admin security group.Removed the Credit Card Admin from the Manage: Credit Card Data Domain.All CampusMedCompleteChange8/23/2022 0:008/24/2022 0:00
UCF-19208(Resolved) Issue: Pinnacle Purchase OrdersFunctionalityFinanceThe date logic was sending over the current date on some items if that's what was in Workday but was getting denied from the Pinnacle (vendor) side. As a result, the logic needed to change to update the date if it was less than or equal to the current date.The logic was revised so that the "Date Required" field sends over a date that matches "tomorrow" if the date used was less than or equal to the current date.Business CentersCompleteIssue8/19/2022 0:008/29/2022 0:00
UCF-19210(Resolved) Issue: Incorrect Email Addresses in CanvasFunctionalityTechnicalThe Workday to Canvas person sync was sending email addresses that were not restricted to email addresses. As a result, some personal emails were included that should not have been.The integration was modified to only use email address domains.All CampusHighCompleteIssue8/19/2022 0:008/29/2022 0:00
UCF-19403(Resolved) Issue: OIE Security AccessSecurityHRUsers assigned to the Office of Institutional Equity group had access to candidate's SSNs when they shouldn't have.OIE security access was updated to not show SSN.staffHighCompleteChange8/31/2022 0:008/31/2022 0:00
UCF-19299(Resolved) Issue: HR Specialist E-Verify Integration AccessSecurityHRHR Specialists on the I-9 team didn't have access to the e-verify integration.Access was provided for HR Specialists to view the e-verify integration.Business CentersHighCompleteChange8/26/2022 0:008/31/2022 0:00
UCF-19206(Resolved) Change: Added Credit Card AdministratorSecurityFinanceAdded the Credit Card Administrator to the domain that will grant them access to View Expense Report Lines and attachments.Business CentersMedCompleteMaintenance8/31/2022 0:008/31/2022 0:00
UCF-19140(Resolved) Issue: Access to Expense Report CancelationSecurityFinanceThe security domain of Process: Expense Report - View, needs to be updated to include the Cost Center Expense Coordinator UC group. This will provide the access needed to be able to Cancel an Expense Report and prompt the confirmation page to be able to cancel.The security domain was updated.Business CentersMedCompleteChange8/10/2022 0:008/31/2022 0:00
UCF-18819(Resolved) Issue: UCFAA Security RoleSecurityFinanceUCF, UCFAA & Foundation employees who hold the new company level credit card admin security role will also need to be able to view employee ids, employee contact information and the employee's legal name.Granted UCF, UCFAA & Foundation employees who hold the new company-level credit card admin security role to be able to view employee ids, employee contact information and the employee's legal name.Business CentersHighCompleteChange7/14/2022 0:008/31/2022 0:00
UCF-19029(Resolved) Change: Evergreen Application Reviewer DescriptionFunctionalityHRChanged the description of Evergreen Application Reviewer to Additional Viewer.Central OfficeMedCompleteChange8/2/2022 0:009/1/2022 0:00
UCF-19458(Resolved) Issue: Business Process Routing for Budget Amendments GrantsBusiness ProcessGrantsBudget amendments were set to only one grant manager for approval when they needed to route to all grant managers.The business process routing was changed so that all grant managers received approval requests.StaffHighCompleteChange9/8/2022 0:009/8/2022 0:00
OPL-279(Resolved) Issue: Pre-Loaded Holidays and Breaks in WorkdayFunctionalityHRHolidays and breaks weren't fully loaded into Workday, affecting requested leave.Loaded the holidays and breaks into the Workday system.All CampusLowCompleteChange7/10/2022 0:009/14/2022 0:00
OPL-286(Resolved) Issue: Internal Candidate ApplicationsFunctionalityHRInternal candidates for open positions applying via a hidden link were being identified as "inactive" by the system because they were internal employees applying with an external link. This inactive status was blocking them from being added to the job requisition.A new workflow was created so that internal applicants can be added to job requisitions successfully.Central OfficeHighCompleteChange7/11/2022 0:009/15/2022 0:00
UCF-11374(Resolved) Issue: Budget Amendments Need Approval by Division ManagerFunctionalityFinanceRoute budget amendments to the Division Manager if it involved ledger accounts within the Personnel Ledger Account SummaryBudget Amendment Business Process Routing UpdatedBusiness CentersHighCompleteIssue1/19/2022 0:007/11/2022 0:00
UCF-18808(Resolved) Issue: UCF Job Requisition Additional Details Report IssuesFunctionalityHRUCF Job Requisition Additional Details Report Displaying Incorrect DataCalc Field updated to display in progress transactions or close transactions which causes the questionnaire results to displayed properlyBusiness CentersMedCompleteIssue7/13/2022 0:007/14/2022 0:00
UCF-18817(Resolved) Issue: Direct Hires Created without Phone Number or Email AddressBusiness ProcessHRValidation rule created for Hire Busienss Process to require Phone Number and Email AddressBusiness CentersMedCompleteIssue7/14/2022 0:007/26/2022 0:00
UCF-18869(Resolved) Issue: SSN not required for appropriate employee types on the I9Business ProcessHRValidation rule created for the I9 Business Process to require SSN for appropriate employee typesCentral OfficeMedCompleteChange7/19/2022 0:008/4/2022 0:00
UCF-19064(Resolved) Issue:Expense Card Integration for Contingent Worker TypeIntegrationFinanceExpense Card integration process updated to include contingent worker types such as Kelly Services and AreciboCentral OfficeHighCompleteIssue8/8/2022 0:008/4/2022 0:00
UCF-18784(Resolved) Issue: Spend Authorization Business Procesws EmailsBusiness ProcessFinanceThe Spend Authorization Business Process has been updated to include more details in the email for the ApproverBusiness CentersMedCompleteChange7/11/2022 0:008/1/2022 0:00
UCF-10135(Resolved) Issue: Sponsored Invoices in WorkdayFunctionalityGrantsCustom Sponsored Invoice created in Workday with required formatting and data elementsCentral OfficeMedCompleteChange12/1/2021 0:008/1/2022 0:00
UCF-19069(Resolved) Issue: Compensation Partner not receiving Reclassification TransactionsBusiness ProcessHRJob Change Business Process Updated to include Compensation Partners in the Job Change WorkflowCentral OfficeMedCompleteIssue8/8/2022 0:008/16/2022 0:00
UCF-5629(Resolved) Issue: Background Check Manual ProcessIntegrationHRWorkday System Integration with Background Check vendor completedBusiness CentersMedCompleteChange5/17/2021 0:008/1/2022 0:00
UCF-5809(Resolved) Issue: Process Improvement with UCF Foundation SystemsIntegrationFinanceWorkday System Integration with UCF Foundations Blackaud SystemCentral OfficeMedCompleteChange5/24/2021 0:008/10/2022 0:00
UCF-19051(Resolved) Issue: Data Integration Issue with Canvas Learning Management SystemIntegrationHRWorkday System Integration updated to include the required Employee Types to Send to the Canvas Learning Management SystemCentral OfficeMedCompleteIssue8/5/2022 0:008/19/2022 0:00
UCF-19016(Resolved) Issue: ALMA Library System Missing Email Address FieldIntegrationHRALMS Library Sytem Integration with Workday updated to included requirement data elementsCentral OfficeMedCompleteIssue8/1/2022 0:008/29/2022 0:00
UCF-19135(Resolved) Issue: Parking System Needs Additional DataIntegrationHRWorkday Integration with the UCF Parking System updated to included additional data elements for Job FamilyCentral OfficeMedCompleteChange8/10/2022 0:008/29/2022 0:00
UCF-19150(Resolved) Issue: Change Attractive Asset Tracking ThresholdBusiness ProcessFinanceUpdates made to the Asset Request form in Workday to allow for areas to submit attractive items to the central office going forward.Central OfficeHighCompleteChange8/11/2022 0:008/29/2022 0:00
UCF-19195(Resolved) Issue: Include "Other" Document Category for TalentBusiness ProcessHRWorkday configured to allow Recruiting Administrator to upload and select the additional categories on behalf of Talent Acquisition.Central OfficeHighCompleteChange8/17/2022 0:009/1/2022 0:00
UCF-19250(Resolved) Issue: Budget Formatting issues on Sponsored InvoiceBusiness ProcessGrantsUpdate BIRT layout for Sponsored Invoice to have correct formattingCentral OfficeHighCompleteIssue8/23/2022 0:009/13/2022 0:00
UCF-19267(Resolved) Issue:TIAA 403b Invalid AddressIntegrationHRData integration update to included correct Address Field for the TIAA 403b interface fileCentral OfficeHighCompleteIssue8/25/2022 0:009/15/2022 0:00
UCF-19233(Resolved) Issue: Enable myTasks in WorkdayFunctionalityTechnicalEnabled the Workday Delivered feature myTasks to impove inbox functionality. myTasks enables high-volume users to easily filter, sort, and search for their tasks in their inbox.All CampusMedCompleteUpgrade8/22/2022 0:009/10/2022 0:00
UCF-19435(Resolved) Issue: Update Position Information in HireEdJobs IntegrationIntegrationHRUpdated the HireEdJobs Integration to include Position Information as part of the data feedCentral OfficeMedCompleteChange8/31/2022 0:009/19/2022 0:00
UCF-19344(Resolved) Issue: Delivered Notes in RecuitingFunctionalityHRWorkday Delivers Notes to be included on Job Requisitions, Candidate Records, and Candidate's Job Application. This new function enables users provide addition information to maintain in Workday. This helps users quickly find the additional information to move forward with candidate decisions.Central OfficeHighCompleteUpgrade8/26/2022 0:009/22/2022 0:00
UCF-18743(Resolved) Issue: Foreign Influence Direct Hire Questionnaire UpdateBusiness ProcessHREnhancements made to the questionnaire for direct hires to accommodate GRA/GTAs that have been through screening during the Admissions process in SlateCentral OfficeMedCompleteChange7/6/2022 0:009/22/2022 0:00
UCF-19597(Resolved) Issue: Additional Document Attachments on Employment ApplicationFunctionalityHRConfigured Workday to include an upload function on the questionnaire which is included as part of the application. This will allow candidates to load multiple documents and eliminate the extra work for Talent Acquisition.Central OfficeMedCompleteChange9/20/2022 0:009/26/2022 0:00