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When an issue comes up, a change is requested or a new Workday functionality release is pending, items get added to the in queue list. These items are vetted and prioritized by the Workday Business Process Owners.

Below is a high-level view of the current Workday In Queue List. Note that not all items on the in queue list will get completed. First, they must be evaluated, prioritized, and scheduled for work. In some cases, items may not get done at all due to competing priorities, business rationale, policy or lack of resources. In all cases, our Business Process Owners consider stakeholder impacts, university goals, security and benefits when determining priority.  

Workday Operations In Queue

IDTitleCategoryWork AreaDescriptionImpacted AudiencePriorityStateWork StageSprint Completion
16030Recruiting/Job Change/Hiring Post Interim Best PracticesBusiness ProcessSupport
Recruiting/Job Change/Hiring Post Interim Best Practices
FacultyLowNot StartedNot StartedFuture Sprint
15914Recruiting Functionality UpdatesFunctionalityHuman Resources
Functionality improvements to the Recruiting process including Non-Faculty Search Committee requirements. 
All CampusMedNot StartedNot StartedFuture Sprint
16018Supplier Invoice Punchout change for Freight Match ExceptionBusiness ProcessFinance
Sometimes we do not know the shipping amount when creating a requisition for a purchase from a punchout. Freight is then charged by the supplier on the invoice sent over via the punchout integration.  We will always process a match exception override for freight match exceptions on punchout invoices.  The exception doesn’t serve a purpose if we will always override it for invoices from punchouts. Therefore, the match exception rule should be removed from punchout invoices.
All CampusLowNot StartedNot StartedFuture Sprint
15942Opt-Out Feature for Displaying Photos in WorkdayFunctionalityHuman ResourcesReview Options for an Opt-Out Feature for Displaying Photos in WorkdayAll CampusLowNot StartedNot StartedFuture Sprint
15941Creation of additional Procurement PunchoutsIntegrationFinanceIntegrate additional Punchouts  for procurement workflows reducing the need for manual requisition.All CampusMedNot StartedNot StartedFuture Sprint
16020Scholarship Payment from Gifts adjustmentBusiness ProcessFinance
Create appropriate business process (BP) to include the Foundation as a reviewer of a scholarship awarded/paid from a gift. Currently the journal entries that are created do not route to the Foundation they are only routing to the grant manager.
Business CentersLowNot StartedNot StartedFuture Sprint
15928Foundation PCARD – BB&T Banking IntegrationIntegrationFoundation
Integrate the BB&T Banking system with Workday for Foundation Pcard transactions.
DSOMedOn HoldAnalysisFuture Sprint
16016Change approvals on Expense Reports, Requisitions, Supplier InvoicesBusiness ProcessFinance
Adjust the approvals for the Cost Center Manager
Central Office FinanceLowNot StartedNot StartedFuture Sprint
15904PeopleFirst Data discrepancies with IntegrationIntegrationHuman Resources
PeopleFirst System is experiencing data issues with the integration. There is currently manual payroll benefits reconciliation needed until the integration issues are resolved.

Central OfficeHighOn HoldExecutionFuture Sprint
15938eClinicalWorks IntegrationIntegrationHuman Resources
To provide more efficient, the Student Health Services Office needs to receive active employee bio/demo data and photos from Workday, which is then loaded into their eClinical Works application.
All CampusMedNot StartedNot StartedFuture Sprint
15939Document Imaging Integration for ePAFIntegrationHuman ResourcesViewStar/DocView – HR(ePAF) – Document Imaging IntegrationCentral OfficeLowNot StartedNot StartedFuture Sprint