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About Us

The Workday Enterprise Systems (WEST) team is comprised of skilled subject matter experts who have been involved in the implementation and planning of Workday at UCF from conception. Our mission is to ensure that the Workday ERP works seamlessly to enhance the end-user experience and to best support all HR, finance, research and grants needs for all staff and faculty at UCF.

About Workday

Workday is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that has replaced PeopleSoft, the previous ERP system in place at UCF, changing administrative processes across the campus community. Workday provides a modern, unified system; simplified time management; standardized business processes; reporting with real-time data; cloud-based analytics and much more.

Workday Help Cases

Workday Help Cases are routed to subject matter experts to best address any system issues, required changes and questions. Click below to create a case.

Workday Help Knowledge Base

Browse through the Knowledge Base to locate Articles for assistance with business processes and navigation. Article titles will appear as you type.


(Resolved) Issue: Audit Report Access

Issue: Details about costing allocation (i.e., when does it occur and who does what) were unclear. Resolution: Developed auditory reports and guidance for SET leaders. Offered a training session on 8/9/22 for Finance leaders to provide visibility of the Finance Dashboard. Date Resolved: 8/11/2022 Impacted Audience: Finance SET Leaders
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Issue: Costing Allocation Details

Issue: Details about costing allocation (i.e., when does it occur and who does what) were unclear. Resolution: Created a Knowledge Article with clarified SOPs and details titled, “Position Organization Assignments & Costing Allocations.” Position Organization Assignments & Costing Allocations Date Resolved: 7/21/2022 Impacted Audience: HR Business Center
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Issue: Moving Workers in Workday

Issue: End-users couldn’t find Knowledge Article for how to change a supervisor for a vacant position, only for a filled position. Resolution: SOPs were outlined and a new Knowledge Article was created titled, “Change Supervisor for Filled or Vacant Position.” Change Supervisor for Filled or Vacant Position Date Resolved: 8/1/2022 Impacted Audience: All Campus
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